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Wedding Shower Games

Traditionally, bridal showers are all-women tea parties, but these days bridal showers can be a night out clubbing, a weekend away or just about anything use can think of. While women-only affairs are still popular, many grooms are getting their feet wet with a couples shower. Sometimes called a Jack and Jill, this pre-wedding bash includes male and female guests.

Here are the basics of a couple showers:

  • Who hosts – Friends make excellent hosts for couple showers
  • Who’s invited – Everybody who’s is invited to the shower should be invited to the wedding.
  • When – It should be before wedding party and after the engagement party
  • Where – Depending of how many people are invited, it can be at a restaurant, outdoors at a park, or at home.
  • Themes – there are endless themes to choose from. Here are a few ideas for you:

”Stock The Bar Shower” - Everyone is assigned a different kind of liquor, like vodka, brandy or tequila. Guests can also bring bar ware, like corkscrews, funky coasters and chip ‘n dip servers.

“Spa Pampering Shower” - The couple receives matching robes from the host or hostess and guest bring all the necessary items for an in-home spa pampering. Think fluffy towel sets, sea salt, bubble bath, candles, lotion and detachable bathtub jets. The group might even pitch in to send the couple to a favorite spa for his-and-her massages.

“Bon Voyage Shower” - Guests shower the couple with all the essential items for enjoying their honeymoon, from disposable cameras to maps to luggage.

“Electronics Shower” - Most newlyweds would like to upgrade the TV or stereo equipment that’s gotten them through their college years. An electronics shower is idea for the techno-couple that lusts after the latest DVD player or video camera on the market.

  • Entertainment - Eating, chatting, and gift-opening are the primary activities at any shower, especially a couples one. Games are great for bringing people together and upping the laugh quotient. 

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