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Wedding Gown/Dresses

On the wedding day is it a tradition for the bride to wear a wedding gown or also known as a wedding dress. Wedding gowns are usually white or cream and come in various styles or textures.   When you go shopping for you wedding dress – look your BEST. If youe hair is messy or you are wearing sweaty socks, the most beautiful gown is not going to look good. Here are some hits for you:

  • Fix your hair before you go
  • Wear a little makeup (if you normally don't)
  • Wear nylons and shoes (not sneakers and sweaty socks)
  • Wear a strapless bra or bustier. (If you don’t own one, wait until you’ve purchased your gown, so you know exactly the right type to buy.)

There are many places you can get your wedding dress besides ordering from expensive bridal salons. Here are few ideas for you:

  • Bridal Warehouse
  • Mail Order Discounters
  • Consignment Shops
  • Sample Sales
  • Seamstress or Tailor
  • Hire

Remember before grabbing an outfit that is two sizes too big just because it’s a good bargain; don’t forget to figure in the cost of alterations. Alterations can be expensive so purchase wisely. Also check you outfit for stains, rips or missing beadwork. It is wise to bring someone with you so they can carefully examine the dress too.

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