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Wedding Cake Decorations

The new trends in wedding cakes allow the bride, groom and their guests to have a cake that not only looks good, but tastes good too! There is no need to settle for the traditional white vanilla cake with the plastic bride and groom on top any more. Wedding cakes can now be chosen from fruit cake to cheesecake, icing to ice-cream.   For a creative cake tops here are some creative ideas:

  • To add a twist to the traditional man and woman figurines by buying a musical cake top and watching the little folks waltz.
  • Skip the people and opt instead for wedding bells, hearts or fresh flowers.


  • Do you both love your dogs? Have figurines made up to represent your favorite pooches and place them next to the bride and groom figurines.
  • If “two lovebirds” describes you and your fiancé well, consider crowning your cake with twin hummingbirds, doves or swans.
  • Replace human figurines with dressed up teddy bears for a cute touch.


  • Dress up the human figurines in uniforms that represent your hobbies.  Are you both avid scuba divers?  Have goggles strapped to the faces of the figurines and dress them in a wet suit!
  • Was your motorcycle your first love? Harley Davidson has created several cake tops complete with a motorcycle on top.
  • Have the groom and bride figurines holding items that represent who you are.   A tennis racket, stethoscope, basketball... just get creative.


  • Going Disney? Consider purchasing Mickey and Minnie cake tops or a Cinderella coach for the top of your cake.
  • If your dream is to be a princess, further the theme with a glass fairy tale castle on the top of your cake.
  • Are you marrying a cowboy?  Buy a cake top with a groom in a cowboy hat to truly represent his tastes.

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